Thai massage

Thai massage is a moment of pure happiness, providing a concentrate of vitality and relaxation. Extremely complete, Thai massage combines the virtues of different techniques.

For any message, it is recommended to consult qualified physiotherapists

By kneading the muscles, it relaxes, eases blockages and muscular tension . The use of acupressure allows by pressing specific points of acupuncture to rebalance the Qi, that is to say, the vital energy within us and around us. In the Asian tradition, all disease is related to an imbalance of Qi. This practice also improves blood circulation. Finally, inspired by yoga stretching, joint work and manipulation of the skeleton improve the fluidity and ease body. Everything is in order.

The benefits of Thai massage
In Thailand, the massage is done as preventive and therapeutic. It is particularly effective in treating back pain, circulatory problems, headaches, insomnia, anxiety, generalized fatigue, stress etc. Practiced regularly it makes life more harmonious. Traditionally, it is taught in Buddhist temples, the school’s most famous being that of Wat Po, Bangkok. Body care is never far from that of the soul. Moreover, if the Thai massage eases physical tension,  it also allows release negative emotions.

What happens during a session?
In space-France-Asia, all starts with a cup of tea. Then the owner of the place of Thai invites us to spend a massage room, a sarong to wear a loose and lie down on the mats. The massage begins with the feet. This area reflects the high energy whole body and gives to the masseuse a first indication of the strengths and weaknesses of the body mass it.

In early trading, the stretched body , contracted is like a earth need for mixing, muscles joints through the circulatory system, it finds fluidity, lightness and dynamism. As a sculptor, the masseuse kneads the flesh back meridians, spouting new geography body, with its own lines and its key points. Open joints through stretching in which massaged masseur to take head on, compress some point to clean the blood vessels and stimulate Qi, roll fingertips each dorsal vertebra, stretch your back, neck release tensions that restrict his freedom ... the masseuse, fully concentrated, is working at each of its tasks.

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